Tuesday, July 1, 2014

teh rut.

Not that I'm necessarily in one,
but they happen.

What do you do about it?


We're getting into July, some streams get warm,
those streams lose their reliable spring hatches.
Reliable fishing becomes less so.

Dog. Days.

They're 'bout here dontchyaknow?

So do you keep pounding the water,
trying to match those springtime numbers?

Or do you take a step back?
Reboot, re-prioritze things?

Couple seasons ago, I woulda been out there,
bouncing ants off the overhanging Letort grasses
from the heat of the post work day 'til the
sun went down...but dang, it sure is hot out there.
(And have you seen my belly recently....)

Now, it's a harsh realization..amplified by
a recent typical Sunday spin, I need to
get in the saddle, I need to put my feet
on those pedals, and make 'em turn..

I. need. to.

Turn, turn, turn.

It's summertime man, it's
vacation time ya know?

The trouts like cold water.
The water gets warm 'round
this time of the year.

So take a break,
then come back
to it fresh,

Just Breath.

I've got my eye on a bike ride to do
and my girl & I just booked tickets
for our trip out to Montanny in Sept...

The time for clickin' the mental fish
counter is done for now, got other things
to tick off that list, official things to ponder,
and it's summertime, spread the love, let's enjoy it.

The trouts ain't goin' nowheres,
but I'm sure I'll keep in touch
with 'em, you can count on it.