Saturday, October 17, 2015

almost a year.

almost a year since I've posted here.

last seemed to be me absorbing the VP position.

Well, nowI'm el Presidente'.


I mean, dang.

It is overwhelming.
It is a huge responsibility.

I think I'm up for it.
Pretty sure I am.

This first few weeks,

What they don't tell you.
Or, maybe it's what you tune out,
so you can tell yourself, fool yourself,
into thinking....

"I can do this."

I. can. do. this.

I'm gonna learn so much thru this,
about myself, about people, about life,
about this big blue marble we call home.

One hell of journey,
this thing called life.

Which is why.

Why it's so nice to just unplug,
rig up a rod and go fishing.

Never forget what it's all about.
Punch out, and just go fishing.
(Or spin the pedals,
or take the camera for a walk.)

It's all the same in the end,
don't ever forget why.

Or that fire will burn out,
for sure.