Sunday, October 26, 2014


oh man.

that seemed to be a good,
decent post I just lost... I was saying.

as I have said?

It's official now, has been I guess.

I'm VP of CVTU.

VP of a nationally recognized,
award winning chapter of TU.

(big breath)


For me, it is a big deal,
it's not exactly unexpected,
but it is an accelerated schedule...
(thought I'd have another year or two)

So, anyways, whatcya gonna do?

Roll with it, do the best that you can.
What else is there to do?

Recollect back to the third, fourth?, grade
and doing a report on water pollution.
One of the few 'gold stars' I remember.
Have always had a thing for clean water...

But Dad is a pilot and I wanted to design aeroplanes.

So I learned how to do that...but aeroplanes ,
are just things. Just, things.

And my Dad is also a fisherman,
and so am I, always have been,
same as him.

And we need clean water for that.
And we need clean water to live.


So, as scary as it is, as daunting as the task
may seem, it's a path I gotta follow, it's a path
I want to's gonna be interesting,
that's for sure.

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