Monday, June 9, 2014

CVTU Field Trip

I don't often fish with other folks, other
than my dad, my special lady and her father.
So this was kinda new to me.

Our TU Chapter (there's a linky over there ---->)
put together a fishin' trip up to East Licking Creek,
Juniata County. Figured this was a good chance
to get to know some of the fellas away from the
meetings, help out a little bit with lunch and break
in the new little camera.

Arrived at Karl Guss Picnic area, shook some hands
and decided to rig up and fish down below the park,
basically heading in the opposite direction of most
everybody else.  Was a good couple of morning hours
on the water, picked up a nice little wild brown that I
had mistaken for a tiger at first, then the brookies got
hungry in the riffles and it was bang bang bang if you
were able to make the cast.

Reeled in around noonish to get back up to the pavilion,
Ken had kielbasa and 'kraut warming on the Coleman
dual burner, 'dogs were on the grill and picnic sides set
out for us to chow on. Plenty of stories were shared, beta
collected for Montana this fall and then we hit the water
again for another hour or so.  Fishin' was slower as expected,
but still found a brookie or two to play with, switching from
the floaty CDC & Elk caddis to my red headed softhackle.

good times.

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