Monday, June 2, 2014


So, it's been a while.

Had a blog for a bit, it's still there and
was mostly all about the journey by bike,
I was mostly all about the bike.

 But things change.


 Yeah, now that's a word to chew on.

 But change, for me at least, is often cyclical.

The bikes are there/still here, the
bikes are still fun, but things change.

And now there's time, time for other things,
and passions get rebalanced, rebooted.

So why not start something fresh,  something new.
But something which really isn't, Lord knows I've
been fishin' for as long as I've been pedalin'..

The bikes...that was a particular mindset
and the rekindled passion for fishing,
the passion for the trouts, for the chars,
it is a different mindset, yet still the same.
It's not a mindset, it's a passion.

The roots, quite similar.

Because it is me, it does come from me,
it is within me, so it is the same.

But, it is different.

So, this new blog, it might be different,
or it might end up being quite the same.
(Words and pictures and links and my voice,
how different can it really be?)

I just know, that I've always liked this
format of communicating via the blog.
(What the fuck is a hashtag anyways?)

So I'm starting this one,
kinda from scratch,
kinda not really.

And if you've managed to find it, welcome.

Hopefully you'll find something here you like.
Hopefully it's entertaining, hopefully it's a decent
enough read that you'll come back and maybe,
just maybe, you'll learn something from something
I might share. So, who knows, it sure don't cost nuthin'...

So, well, anyways, let's get started.

Here's a Letort brown I was lucky to hook up with last week,
fooled by an old school partridge and yellow soft hackle swung
just right, sure was a pretty fish.

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