Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Now that the intro is done,
time for some content I guess.

What to talk about, do feel a bit
of rust on the blogginess...

Well, I did sneak in some fishin' over the wknd,
made a trip up to State College for the TU Mid-A
Regional Conference. Been getting involved
more and more with TU, was mildly involved
back in the mid-90's for a few years after I moved
to this little trout mecca of Carlisle, PeeYay.

I've always had a thing for clean water, and TU
is a good fit for me. Lots of folks concentrate on
the fishing, I prefer to focus on the water, knowing
that if the water is taken care of, the trouts will be there.

That's just how it works.

Anyways, yeah, joined back up a few years ago,
got more involved with the local chapter and was
approached about serving on the Chapter's Board.
It's been in with both feet for the last year or so.
There's so much going on in our area and our chapter
has quite the heritage, it's been a bit humbling,
overwhelming and certainly rewarding, just doing
what I can and learning along the way.

So, the meeting was good, learned a bunch, had
some doubts quelled for the time being and it was
a good recharge of the advocacy battery, a wknd
well spent.

Plus I did sneak in some good fishin'.

Stopped at Reedsville during the commute, thought I'd
check out the Kishacoquillas, but ended up rigging up
to wet a line in Honey Creek instead.  Running late-ish,
didn't get there 'til 7, which is just perfect for sulphurs btw.
Pulled into the community park and took a stroll before
rigging up, if at all. Found an older gentleman swinging a
wooly bugger thru the big bend pool.

"Any luck?"

"Nah, just one bump, that's all.."

Glance at my watch, "Wonder if it's worth rigging up,
only got an hour or so left to fish..."

"It's always worth it," he replied with a grin...

Yeah, he was right, it always is. The sulphurs made an
appearance and an hour later I hooked up with this wild
beauty of brown, strong enough to pull some line and
make the little Hardy's important to
listen to your elders. Lesson (re)learned....

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